Education & Career


by Isaac Tobechukwu

But really, why education?

Why School? Is it necessary to spend 4 years of my or your life in a university somewhere to just get a degree? Is it worth it?

Whether education is worth it or not is a question that I am unable to answer; that question can only be answered based on your perception and principle and your input and result.

But still, I ask, why education?

We live in a society that runs on a set of men-established stereotypes, which most of the society follows. This stereotype is that you must have attended a university to gain a tertiary education for you to work in an organization or become successful. The society we live in expresses a need for a degree, at least a bachelor’s, to be employable.

Is this always correct? The answer is NO.

Are some illiterates more skilled than persons who attended universities? YES. But the reality is that your excellent collection of skill sets does not matter to a vast majority of employers in several industries without at least a bachelor’s degree or an equivalent. Hence, the need or importance to use, waste, or endure those years.

Yes, some people are successful even without education. Yes, Bill Gates did not attend university, and neither did Mark Zuckerberg. Kim Kardashian is a dropout, as well as Anna Wintour and Ellen DeGeneres. The real question is, are you willing to take that chance? Do you want to take the chance and be a victim of society?

Get an education. It is what it is.