By Onwuegbulem Chidinma

How cruel can that word be?

Just the thought of it makes me cringe.

Our leaders all trying to cover the fact

which we all know.

While we, the dog-like followers, end up under

the bridge.

Why do they hurt us so?

They feast on our flesh like hungry crows,

And they are meant to be our ambassadors?

They sit and watch as the blood of the innocent flows.

Can you see them laughing?

Laughing at the pains of you and me,

While we, the citizens, suffer endless poverty.

Our rulers are like hoarders,

Stocking away the good of our land

passed down to us by our fathers;

For their horrid and overfed bellies.

With their souls locked away in a jar,

their true nature is unraveled.

They put those that seem to be criminals behind bars.

But they are the culprit, unworthy sons of the land.

The land which has so much showered them with

mercy, kindness, and grace.

And even given the inhabitant a hope of greener pastures

and a great future.

They who call themselves the light but are the opposite of

what they say.

They come in sheep’s clothing but are indeed wolves of the same pack.

If our eyes could pierce into the souls of men,

it would be scared and sober.

While our mouth would fidget when trying to speak

it won’t seem to open.

Yes, it is a crime.

A crime that has so eaten deep,

into the hearts and minds of many.

Yet we fail to free ourselves from its grip.

But the truth is; it can never be eradicated.