By Faithful Asuquo

Everyone always demands a certain amount of respect from the people around them whether they are familiar with them or not and more than half of the time, people treat you based on how you appear especially when you’re meeting for the very first time. It is important for us to take into consideration how we dress when we are leaving our homes or comfort zones. If you are going to a public place do not be under or overdressed for any reason; dress to fit every occasion.

For example, what you’d wear to a pool party isn’t what you’d wear for regular grocery shopping, what you’d wear for grocery shopping isn’t what you’d wear to a dinner party and what you’d wear for a dinner party can’t be what you’d wear for a business meeting.

            Right now in the world, there are different types of dressing styles. Different people have their own variations of their chosen style and a lot of them have done really good jobs in dressing right for each and every occasion whilst maintaining their chosen style, meanwhile, others are completely horrible at it.

            Covenant University has tried its best to help curb most of these dressing issues, especially with the compulsory rule of wearing corporate attires to any and every formal activity within the school premises including classes, and moderate looking casual attires for any other time; nothing too exposing or revealing to reduce the amounts of unnecessary and uncontrolled desires.

The University has spent the past 19 years forming its rules and teaching its students how to dress and look like the Kings and Queens that they are being trained to be. Some of her students find it annoying but when they step into life outside the four walls of the classroom, they would realise how much help and training they have actually gotten.

            We spoke to some students about their opinion on the school’s rules regarding dressing and they have requested to remain anonymous. They all spoke their minds but the most common thing that they all agreed on is that “The school rules on dressing is good cause it helps us appear neat and responsible but they should be a little more lenient with most of the rules”.

In general, fashion or dressing as a whole should be personalized and as I said earlier, people need to understand the occasion they are attending and dress appropriately for it. In order words, dress as you should be addressed.