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TOPIC: Building resilience in Love


Building resilience in Love

Dear Beloved Friend,

I hope this message finds you wrapped in the warmth of love and joy. It brings me immense pleasure to introduce this edition of our Love Zone newsletter, a personal space where we dive deep into matters of the heart. Today’s theme is particularly special – Building Resilience in Love. How Much Love Do You Have for Your Spouse?

Love, The Uncharted Journey

Love is indeed a captivating journey, full of highs and lows. We all know it’s not always a smooth ride, but isn’t that what makes it so uniquely beautiful? In this newsletter, we’re embarking on a quest to explore the art of building resilience in love. And who better to guide us than the remarkable Mrs Olubunmi Izebere, a true expert in the intricate dance of relationships?

👥 Meet Our Extraordinary Guest: Mrs. Olubunmi Izebere

Mrs. Izebere is not just an expert; she’s a multifaceted professional, a teacher of the word, a mentor, a life coach, and a relationship manager. Her passion lies in witnessing relationships flourish, especially in the context of marriage. As we delve into the foundations of love and resilience, Mrs. Izebere’s insights are sure to illuminate our paths.

🎙️ In the Studio with Mrs. Olubunmi Izebere

As Mrs. Izebere takes the stage, she graciously shares her wisdom on building resilience in love. But before delving into strategies, she lays a crucial foundation – the divine factor. Like a manual guiding a complex device, Mrs. Izebere reminds us that God is the author of marriage, and His presence should be at the core of our relationships.

🏡 Building on a Solid Foundation

Drawing inspiration from Matthew 7:24-27, Mrs. Izebere paints a vivid picture of the wise and foolish builders facing the storms of life. The message is clear: storms will come, but the foundation we build upon determines whether our relationships withstand or crumble.

📖 The Love and Submission Factor

Ephesians 5:21-30 takes centre stage as Mrs Izebere emphasizes the pivotal role of love and submission in a successful marriage. It’s not just about one partner loving and the other submitting; it’s a beautiful dance where both partners submit to each other, creating a harmonious union.

💬 Words of Wisdom from Mrs. Olubunmi Izebere

Mrs. Izebere dives into the intricacies of submission, urging us to give ourselves willingly to the leadership of our partners. She challenges the norms, making us ponder – if we can submit our bodies, why not our finances? The love and submission factor, as she beautifully articulates, holds the key to resilient relationships.

She says ‘’ I want us to take note that God has not called the woman to love her husband because God knows that it’s so cheap for a woman to love but God says the woman should submit. And to submit means that you give yourself willingly to the leadership of another without questioning and that’s where the problem lies, a lot of ladies do not want to do that. They can submit their bodies and every other thing but when it comes to their money, they’d say my money is my money and the man’s money is our money. I heard that from a woman and I was wowed. If my body is the most priceless thing that I have and I can give it to my man, then, how much is my money that I cannot give up?  Also, it is so easy for ladies to submit to every other person but their husbands but the bible specifically says that wives submit themselves unto their husbands, He didn’t say your pastor, he didn’t say your boss at work but your husband”. 

However, talking about love, she affirms that ‘’the bible has commanded that the man should love the wife as Christ loved the church and gave his life for it. How many men today are ready to give up their lives for their wives? but when the man loves the wife, the woman can go to the moon and back because of this man, and when the woman submits to the husband the man can do just about anything for her. So when as a man you love your wife, you need to know the love language of this woman, a woman would need attention, a woman would need you to commend her; I love you, you look beautiful and things like that but today it’s like those words are so heavy in the mouth of some men to say to their wives. It’s only when they want to have sex that they become the only sugar in their tea.’’

In closing, even when the man is not showing you love, the bible still expects that a woman submits to the man and vice versa.

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Thank you for being part of our inaugural edition. Here’s to building resilience in love and creating lasting connections.

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