Every day seems like the day of Armageddon over here.

After the bombs dropped, the people ran, flames quenched

The grounds are flooded with bodies that one time danced with hope. Now they lay stony-eyed and still.

Life would have moved on slowly from there, the bereaved would have buried their dead, the fortunate would thank their god.

However, in the sea of bloodied carcass, Rebecca can’t find Leah She’s been hurdled up and led to slavery.

Months go by, years, yet no news of her return.

Rebecca hopes Leah not only breaths but still remembers how to live

And just like Joseph, she’ll return with a great testimony of purpose and destiny discovered.



We are holding on to the sides of an hourglass,

Watching the sands of time countdown,

When it is done,

You will no longer remember me,

For every grain that drops is a memory lost,

Our time ran out,

But we turned the glass over because we didn’t want to let go,

Now our punishment is for me to become a stranger to you,

To waste away seeing you slowly drift away,

So now I mourn what once was,

Because I am cursed,

Cursed to forever carry this burden,

Cursed with memories of every smile, tear, feeling of joy,

Every moment there ever was,

While you will never remember them,

The way you look at me will no longer be the same,

The way you call my name will lose all magic,

The way you think of me will change,

And as I hold firmly onto the handle,

I see your grip loosen,

Now we are holding into the sides of an hourglass,

Watching the sands of time countdown,

To the day we become strangers.