You were determined to fly,

You were determined to love me,

Despite ridicule from many,

You stood with your head up high,

Towards me,

In the day, I watched you closely,

Toiling away in your little shed,

In the night, I watched from a distance,

So I won’t look desperate,

Your passion overwhelmed me,

Your fire mesmerized me,

I watched you laugh in the face of mockery itself,

And blow a kiss to failure,

I saw you shine,

And I wanted you beside me,

Like the star that you are.

But as they say ” Don’t fly too close to the sun”,

And I knew why,

I knew I could hurt you,

I knew it wasn’t meant to be,

You and I,

You took a chance,

A leap of faith,

The moment you got your wings,

You threw caution to the wind,

And flew towards me,

I knew what I had to do,

So I burnt off your wings,

And watched you fall and break,

I did the very thing I tried to protect you from,

I hurt you,

I’m sorry, dear Icarus…



This is the part of the story we have been waiting for our whole lives,

The part of the story where they finally light the fire,

And the very system they worked so hard to build,

The one they used to push us down,

The one they used to make us kneel,

The one they used to blind us,

Is set ablaze,

Then we can finally lift out heads,

Crawl out of the darkness,

So that they see the anger on our faces,

For we have watched,

We have waited,

Now it is time,

So pick up the acid they poured into our ears,

And shove it down their throats,

Then hear them cry as it burns worse than the poison they hold in their mouths,

And drink their tears with relish,

Draw blood from every part of them,

And let it full the oceans,

Take the rules and norms they oh-so-cherish,

The ones they used to “put us in our place”,

And turn it to ashes,

Break down the walls they built around themselves,

And turn it to the very gravel that it is,

Now pick up the fire,

Run into the streets and let it shine,

For it is the light at the end of the tunnel,

That we have walked through all our lives,

That we have searched for all our lives,

This is the revelation we heard of,

This is evolution we dreamed of,

This is the uprising,

So let the flames, ashes and smoke be our voices,

Let it be our essence; our aura,

Let it make known our existence,

So that the world will know our names,

So that the world will catch fire…