A letter to little you

By Hilda Mbonu

If only life permitted little you to have a peek into the adult days. These days can be clouded. Clouded with uncertainties. Life sometimes feels like living in a maze. Some have found their way out, some are still searching, and some will never do because they do not believe anymore.

The days of childhood are priceless. So, let’s be little again, maybe just for a day, or once in a while when believing is hard. This is to the one who longs to live a day or more as a child again. A letter to that part of you that enjoys the reminiscence of being a child.

Dear Little one,

Remember, when you asked for the world without an inch of doubt. Having ice cream after Sunday services, was something no one could convince you of not longing for.

Not for once, did you judge a stranger for their looks? Not for once did the look of a person stop you from sharing and playing. Sometimes, timidity crawled in when you saw unfamiliar faces but always you built trust and respect for those who stayed.

From a very young age, slowly preparing to take the first steps. First, you crawl and then you try to walk without the worry of falling. Even, when you fall, it doesn’t talk long before you take more steps again.

As a child, all your words were true and correct as far as you were concerned. The confidence you had in the way you spoke. Whether it lacked form or meaning to others, you still communicated to people. Your words were very raw and true.

The innocence that filled your heart made you worry-free. The littlest of things made you laugh like never before. You always had that big laugh when it was time to play your favourite game.

Yes, you cried, but the hurt didn’t stay long in your heart. Forgiveness just required a sweet or more and life would go on.

Now life can be overwhelming, a lot of times, but breath and take breaks. Live like that little one.