Give your brain the best nutrients to boost your grades! The everyday hassle in school surely makes you hungry and tired. Eating healthy is not as hard as you think. With as low as 500 naira you could have an adequate amount of nutrients in your body. There’s no need to overeat, and you definitely don’t need to be underweight. The most important thing is to have a healthy diet. Not only does a nutritious diet increase your energy level, prevent diseases and help maintain a healthy body weight, but it also helps in achieving your daily and academic goals.

Here are some quick and totally realistic breakfast ideas to keep you on the go while in school:

  1. Cereal and milk- This is very quick and easy, super affordable, and totally healthy.
  2. Instant oatmeal- Very tasty and quite filling
  3. Sandwich and yoghurt- This is not as easy as the rest but totally worth it on those days you have time to spare.
  4. English breakfast tea/ hot chocolate with crackers- These are also good liquids that can be accompanied by little bite snacks.

The breakfast options listed above are based on some of the things you should have bought from home.


Lunch is equally as important and should not be skipped. It’s not so easy to eat big meals for lunch because of the classes you have back to back, so I’ll advise that you always pack snacks in your bag to keep your brain awake!

Well, it’s time for dinner!

Specifically, dinner in Covenant University ranges from food in cafeterias 1 & 2 and below I have carefully selected the best meals for you and why:

  1. Rice and any form of protein (meat, fish, chicken, egg etc.) – Contain carbohydrates and protein. They are also very nutritious foods that help you keep fit.
  2. Coleslaw or salads with chicken- These contain lots of minerals and proteins to keep your weight in check.
  3. Beans/ egg with bread- These contain the right amount of healthy nutrients that help you grow.
  4. Pizza burger & a smoothie- This is more on the side of junk foods but contains a lot of vegetables and when combined with a smoothie it becomes quite healthy. Fruits contain lots of vitamins.

Drink plenty of water

This cannot be overemphasized. Water gives the brain the energy it requires for all its functions. Drinking water increases the brain’s temperature and gets rid of toxins and dead cells. It also keeps cells active and balances chemical processes in the brain, helping to regulate stress and anxiety. Not drinking enough is bad for your health. Substitute DRINKS with WATER to have the best diet. This contributes to healthy skin, hair, and overall body hygiene.

Eat fruits

Eat a lot of fruits because they help the body remain fresh. Don’t give in to the stress. Certain fruits such as oranges, pawpaw, guava, mangoes, tomatoes, and strawberries, contain high amounts of vitamin C.

Vitamin C helps prevent brain cells from becoming damaged and supports overall brain health.

This article has surely got you covered with everything listed you are surely covered with 500 naira or less at a go! Enjoy your healthy life.!