by Amao Peculiar

On Purpose:

God created each one, each clan, each tribe, each people with an assignment -destiny.

A purpose that they’re to fulfil in the grand scheme of things.

He designated what the children of Judah, Issachar and Zebulun would do – lead the way for the Israelite camp.

He designated what the children of Levi would do – arrange and dismantle the temple at intervals; stand guard around the temple to prevent Israel from angering God.

He designated the men of Israel above twenty to form Israel’s military might – over six hundred thousand of them to be in the chosen army of the Lord.

On divine leading and strength;

God choose for himself a vessel that was sexually pure and pure in spirit – Mary. He sent his angel, Gabriel, to come bearing glad tidings that Mary was to give birth to the one who God’ll send to deliver the son of God. She carried the son of God inside of her.

Mary was overshadowed by the Holy Spirit to do things that she would have thought impossible. This is the same pattern for believers – we carry the presence of the Lord and by the overshadowing (transcending) of the Holy Spirit, we are able to do things that we originally thought impossible.

On true worship;

In all these, God must have been most excited by Mary’s response – be it to me according to your will. I am the Lord’s servant. Probably, in the old testament, they had to obey God because they didn’t have a choice but Mary could have said no. Instead, she did a complete 360 on God’s say-so. Mary didn’t hold tight to her 20-year plan. She immediately surrendered. She gave it all up. This is a living sacrifice. This is true worship. This is letting go. This is what Abba seeks.

Mary didn’t hold on to her dreams too tightly. She had dreams but she wasn’t going to let them get in the way of her obedience to God. She even decided that she would bear this disruption of her life and the shame that would accompany it because the Lord had said so. In the end, the seeming shame of bearing a pregnancy before marriage has become the glorious story of the Virgin Mary that is still relevant after two thousand years.

Culled from:

Numbers 1, Luke 1: 26-38, 2 Corinthians 3:18